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General Fabric/Craft Stores: -Fabric, cotton, minky - UK but ships to USA - Shannon minky - Europe Fabric, fleece, shannon minky, faux fur and notions - USA Fabrics, faux fur, minky and notions - USA Fabric, minky, fleece USA Fabrics and notions - UK Custom or user-submitted fabric designs - USA Fabrics and notions - USA Fabrics, minky, fake fur, notions - USA Fabrics, faux fur, mohair - USA Fabrics, faux fur, leather - USA Fabric and craft - USA Minky fabrics - USA Craft fabric and faux fur - USA Fabric and notions - USA Soft fabrics - USA Ultrasuede, trims - USA Fabrics and dye - USA Fabrics, faux fur - USA Fabrics - UK/Europe Small scale fabrics and notions - UK Tiny zippers/snaps - USA
Fake Fur and Mohair: Bear supplies and soft fabrics - USA Doll and bear fabrics, supplies - USA Fake fur, mohair, bear supplies - CANADA Eyes and joints - USA Mohair, Tissavel, bear supplies - USA Mohair, bear supplies - USA High quality fake furs - UK Short pile faux furs suede, bear making supplies - USA Mohair fur, bear supplies - UK
http://invalid.invalid/?id_category... Fake fur, mohair, bear supplies - AUSTRALIA Fake fur, mohair, bear supplies - USA Mohair and bear supplies - AUSTRALIA
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Doll Making Supplies: Doll fabrics, notions - USA Doll fabrics, supplies - USA Doll fabrics, velour - USA Doll joints, accessories - USA
Crafts, Notions, Specialty Fabrics Crafts Clothing Labels - USA Craft Supplies - USA Realistic noses, eyes - USA> Craft Supplies - USA Doll-sized zippers and notions - USA Product displays for shows - USA Craft supplies - UK Art supplies - USA Sewing notions - UKNeedle felting supplies: Needle felting supplies - USA Needle felting supplies - USA
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